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Vents for Double Wall Poly Tanks Tanks

Tank vents for a plastic storage tank should be sized to keep the tank at atmospheric pressure internally.  Undersizing a vent can create a vaccuum or a over-pressurized situation that can deform or damage the tank. 
The ASTM D 1998 standards for vertical polyethylene tanks (over 500 gallons) specify the following. "The vents must comply with OSHA 1910.106 (F) (iii) (2) (IV) (9) normal venting for tanks, or other accepted standard, or shall be at least as large as the filling or withdrawal connection, whichever is larger but in no case less than 25.4 mm [1 in.] nominal inside diameter."
  As a general rule of thumb, we suggest that the vent be one inch larger than the largest fill or drain connection to the tank.  If the tank is to be filled from a tanker using pneumatic pressure, the vent should be enlarged to accomodate the extra volume of air that will be pushed into the tank.
The most common type of vent that we install on plastic storage tanks is a screened PVC U-vent.  The vent is normally installed at the top of the tank dome.  Other types of vents are available when required to accomodate specific storage applications.
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