Heavy Duty Poly Storage Tanks - Bailiff Enterprises

Heat Tracing

Heat Tracing for Double Wall Poly Tanks involves attaching heating panels to the outside of the tank.  The panels maintain the liquid in the tank at a minimum temperature.  The size and power of the panels is custom calculated based on the size of the tank, the location where tank will be placed in service, the chemical storage application and the desired maintenance temperature.  Click here to view information about the heat tracing pads.

Heating Pad / Heat Trace Panel

Heat Tracing is always used in combination with the application of polyurethane foam insulation.  Once the heat tracing panels are attached to the tank, the insulation is blown on over the panels and the mastic coating is applied.  Click here to view information about the polyurethane foam tank insulation.

Heat Tracing

A Nema-4 control box is attached to the outside of a tank that has heat tracing panels.  The controls allow for changes in the temperature settings as well as control of the alarm settings that can be used.  Heat tracing requires AC power.  Click here to view the manufacturer's brochure about the heat tracing controls.

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