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Recycling Plastic Tanks

An advantage of using plastic storage tanks is that many of them can be disposed of by recycling.  Tanks that are made from HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene and PVDF can be cleaned and recycled after their usefulness as a tank is finished.  Recyling the plastic is an environmentally respsonsible thing to do.  Check with recycling companies in your area for more information.

Tanks must be cleaned of any chemical residue before the plastic can be recycled.  Once the tank is cleaned, it can be cut into pieces with basic power saws to make the plastic easier to transport.  Ultimately the plastic needs to be cut into small enough pieces to fit into a grinder for recycling.  The size of piece that can fit in a grinder varies with the grinder.  A good rule of thumb for the size that will fit in the grinder is about 15" wide by 24" long.  Check with your plastics recycler for more information.

Recycling companies will pay for scrap plastic.  The amount they will pay depends on the type of plastic, the amount you have, the size of the pieces and the general market demand at that time.  When considering whether to recyle plastic tanks, you should also consider the cost of other types of disposal including space taken in dumpsters or yard space taken up with old tanks.

While many kinds of plastic can be recycled, you should know that 'thermoset' plastics can not be re-used.  The most common type of thermoset plastic used for tanks is XLPE (Crosslink Polyethylene).  Thermoset plastics can not be recycled.

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