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Single Wall HDPE Vertical Tanks

Single Wall Vertical storage tanks are the most common type of plastic storage tanks.  The vertical cylindrical shape is the most efficient of the standard tank shapes in regard to the amount of plastic it takes per stored gallon.  The large sizes offer especially good values.  Our vertical storage tanks are available to you made from several different plastics.  HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is the most widely used due to its low cost, corrosion resistance and good chemical compatibility.  HDPE is sometimes conveniently but incorrectly referred to as HDLPE.  For storage applications that require temperatures up to 200 F., we offer polypropylene storage tanks.  For applications that require temperatures up to 300 F., we offer Kynar (PVDF) storage tanks.
The polyethylene tanks meet standards set by ASTM D 1998.