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Rotationally Molded Tanks

Plastic tanks made by rotational molding are made in a single seamless piece without stress.  These tanks are ideal for storing chemicals.  Matching a tank with the liquid to be stored is just a matter of 1) matching the chemical compatibility of the liquid, 2) matching the specific gravity rating of the tank with the density of the liquid and, 3) checking to be sure that the plastic is able to handle the maximum and minimum temperatures involved in storing the chemical.
Rotational molding is a form of plastic molding that produces hollow parts.  Specific amounts of plastic resin powder are put in metal molds that are then rotated in an over on two axis.  As the plastic melts, it coasts the inner surface of the mold in an even thickness.  Once all the plastic is melted and distributed on the inside of the mold, the mold is removed from the oven to cool.  While cooling, it continues to rotate on two axis.  The resulting part, after cooling, is formed as a single piece of hollow plastic.  It is formed without the stress that is often built into plastic parts made from other types of molding.  This is ideal for plastic storage tanks.
Several types of plastic can be rotationally molded.  These types of plastic include Polyethylene (usually HDPE), Polypropylene, Nylon and PVDF.  The best known brand name of PVDF is Kynar.  Each kind of plastic has different chemical resistance and temperature tolerances.  Those factors and the difference in price of the various plastics are the reasons why you might choose a plastic tank made from one resin instead of another.
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