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PVDF (Kynar)

Polyvinylidene fluoride
PVDF is a fluorinated thermoplastic which is obtained by polymerizing vinylidene fluoride. it has great stability even when exposed to harsh environments.   PVDF is chemically inert to many acids, aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, alcohols and more.  Click here to check the chemical compatibility of the chemical you are storing.
One of the main features of PVDF that makes it attractive to tank storage applications is that is has a wide range of continuous use temperatures.  Depending on the chemical application PVDF continuous use temperature can approach 300 F.
PVDF is unaffected by UV rays, has excellent fire resistance, is approved for food contact and is easily welded which allows for custom fabrication.
  PVDF Chemical Drawing  
  PVDF can be joined by thermoplastic welding.  This means that welded couplings and welded flanges can be fitted to tanks.  In storage applications of hazardous chemicals the use of welded fittings means that there are no gaskets to fail over time.  
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