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Secondary Containment

Open Secondary Containment Tank Double Wall Tank provides Secondary Containment Secondary Containment Basin
... Secondary Containment refers to the ability to catch or contain a spill from a storage tank.  In most cases, secondary containment is used when the liquid being stored in the tank is either a hazardous chemical or a liquid that could pollute the local ground water supply.  Our Double Wall Chemical Storage Tanks have built in secondary containment.
Most municipalities, states and the federal government require or stongly urge the use of secondary containment.  Depending on the type of containment there are usually requirements that the containment have a capacity of at least 120% of the largest tank within the containment.  The percentage of required capacity over the largest tank can vary by agency.  The EPA currently urges operators to have containment capacity that is equal to the volume of the largest tank plus the amount of rain that could accumulate using the 25 year average 24 hour rainfall event.  In areas that get much rain, that could mean 150% secondary containment capacity or more.  In most areas the use of a Double Wall Tank with closed containment exempts you from the need  to have containment that is over the capapcity of the primary storage tank.
There are several forms of Secondary Containment including open containments like plastic containment basins, open containments made from concrete, steel or earth berms that have non-permeable membranes covering the interior space.  Double wall plastic storage tanks have their own secondary containment.  The outer tank provides the secondary containment to the primary inner tank.
When using open containments, you have to deal with leaves, dirt and debris which will enter the containment.  You must also account for the accumulation of rain and snow that will affect the actual containment space you have available in case of a spill.  An open containment that is half full of water may overflow if a tank spills its contents into the containment.
A double wall tank is a form of Secondary Containment that has a small footprint and is sealed to keep dirt, debris and rain out of the containment area. 
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